RESPONSE-Partnerschaft für Innovation in der Implantattechnologie

The focus of research is on better care for multimorbid patients and improving the quality of life into old age. To this end, all actors in science and research, industry and the funding agencies should cooperate better. Different disciplines from medicine, engineering and natural sciences, demography, health care research and health economics must work very closely together in order to be successful. The aim is to develop clinically relevant therapies with innovative implants that relieve the burden on the health system in the treatment of common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cataracts and glaucoma, hearing loss and deafness. RESPONSE is developing implants for this purpose that take special account of their target tissue and provide a tissue- and implant-specific response to cellular processes in the implant region. At the same time, the durability of the implants is to be significantly increased by improving the implant materials and designs to facilitate reoperations and reduce the number of necessary implant renewals. This also means extending minimally invasive techniques to new applications in implant technology. This will enable the companies participating in RESPONSE to further expand their market and competitive positions. In this way, RESPONSE makes important contributions to solving economically and socially significant problems and leads to economic growth in the field of medical technology in the new eastern states of Germany.

The consortium RESPONSE - Partnership for Innovation in Implanttechnology, led by the Institute for Biomedical Engineering of the University Medical Center Rostock, coordinates one of the ten outstanding research consortia, which are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with a total of 500 million euros until 2020. RESPONSE will receive 45 million euros, which will go to the participating scientific institutions and companies. As one of the participating research institutions, the IIB e.V. is funded within RESPONSE.

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